Oct 6, 2011

Money Saving Tips for Backpackers

When travelling the world, it’s not just your luggage you'll want to keep a limit on. Money can be tight and despite often feeling incredibly free when on your travels, there are times when a lack of funds can leave you feeling somewhat more restrained.

So if you're about to head off into the great unknown, what money-saving techniques can you use to ensure cash flows in the right direction, if only for some of the time?


Getting the right kind of cover is essential. When getting travel insurance, backpacker-friendly cover is a must. Not only will it fit into the policy exactly the kind of cover that would work best for travellers, it will probably be cheaper, too, offering a more basic package which allows you decidedly more spending money.


One of the biggest expenses when on a gap year is the actual travelling part. Flights are certainly the quickest and most comfortable option to go between destinations but if you've spent just three weeks working at a bar before heading off to your next makeshift home, chances are you won't have accumulated enough funds. Instead, overnight trains or buses offer a much more cost-friendly alternative, also allowing you to get some sleep whilst making the journey.


Depending on where you go travelling, accommodation could cost an arm and a leg or just a tiny, almost worryingly low fee. However, all destinations will have a hierarchy, allowing you to stay at some of the more cheaper places even in some quite expensive cities.
Gap year travelling is expensive business, and there are times when the immediate future does not look quite so rosy. But in just thinking of a few simple factors should mean that whatever ends up coming your way, a complete lack of funds should not be one of them.

About our Guest Blogger
Herbert Miller is a self published author and insurance expert. He writes on cheap backpacker travel insurance. To know more visit  www.holidaysafe.co.uk


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