Jul 20, 2011

Living on a Backpack: Perth’s Backpacking Havens

Backpackers are seen as thrifty, budget conscious travellers but in reality, they can be considered as those who embrace independent travel as a form of lifestyle. With the growth of budget airlines and cheap accommodations, many have travelled far and wide to experience life in other countries. Mass media and pop culture has made backpacking a new fad for teenagers who want to experience the world first hand. Many Aussies have travelled to different places in Australia to experience living away from their cities and towns and meet new people and learn new things independently. Perth has emerged as one of the favourite backpacker destinations in recent years because of a number of cheap hostels, budget-friendly hotels, and backpacker accommodation that can be accessed via hotel search site Odusee.

Source: hotelinaustralia.net

When you go to Perth, you will probably meet a friendly backpacker who will teach you a thing or two about how’s it feel to live your life on the road like a modern-day nomad. The first that you should do before to go to your destination is to find cheap but quality accommodation that fits your needs and budget. Never forget to consider the following factors aside from the quality and cost of your stay: length of your stay, accessibility, neighbourhood safety, and proximity to important backpacker destinations. Once you figured that out then you are set to go and explore Perth on a backpack. When you go backpacking, expect to forego all luxury accommodations and extra service.

Perth Beach Hostel (Indigo)

Source: tripwow.tripadvisor.com

Backpack living can be simple and Spartan so you have to maximise everything that you have. So if you want to spend living outside of your comfort zone then you have to choose the austere environment of Perth Beach Hostel. A Perth backpacker can enjoy the beautiful West Australian beaches because you are just a walk away to hit the waves and enjoy the sand and sun.

Beatty Lodge (West Perth)

Source: aaatourism.com.au

Looking for cheap but quality accommodation for budget-conscious backpackers, students, and tourists? Beatty Lodge is located in West Perth where you can drop by and visit interesting tourist attractions and landmarks nearby. It may not be the most exclusive backpacker Perth hostel in the area but it’s the value-friendly place where you can stay a day or two.

Ocean Beach Backpackers (Cottesloe)

Source: oceanbeachbackpackers.com

If prefer to have a good beach accommodation during your visit to Cottesloe then you may want to check out Ocean Beach Backpackers. Unfortunately, you have to contend with the noise of drunk teenagers getting wasted. Unlike any other Perth backpackers accommodation, this place has a fantastic beach view so you can relax and enjoy the beach’s sights and sounds.

The Witch’s Hat Backpacker Hostel (Northbridge)

Source: witchshat.com

Don’t let the place fool you even if you think that you’re approaching a witch’s domain. The Witch’s Hat Backpacker Hostel was recently voted as Western Australia’s best hostel at the Golden Backpack Awards for the second straight year. Just a short walk away to the city centre and Northridge entertainment hub, the place is truly a popular backpacker destination.

Exclusive Backpackers (East Perth)

Source: travellerspoint.com

Whether you’re in the company of local or round-the-globe backpackers in Perth, Exclusive Backpackers is ideal place to begin your city’s personal adventure. You can venture to Kings Park, Fremantle, or Cottesloe Beach as well as the nearby supermarket, post office, cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

Source: http://www.hostelworld.com/search?city=Perth&country=Australia


Whether you love them, hate them or are one of them, backpackers are an essential part of the tourism industry. Australia has been a staple favourite of backpackers for decades. The solid infrastructure, the political stability, the friendly people- we are Backpacking 101 for wide eyed and keen globe trotters. So what are the destinations that they will remember with a smile- where is it that they swilled the most beer, made the most mates, stole the most street signs? The following five spots are remembered fondly in most travel diaries, and should be on the 'to do' list of any rucksack toting young adventurer:

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