Jul 13, 2011

Five Common Hotel Complaints, A Hotelier’s Perspective

Many hotels in the world from budget motels to five-star hotels vie for the attention of people willing to stay in their establishment. It is all about making the guests’ stay as comfortable and exciting as it can be. Unfortunately, there are always hotel guest complaints no matter how hard they make the experience of staying their place perfect. Unless the hotel is really that bad, there is no reason they would try to ruin their guests’ stay. Otherwise, many of them would probably look for new hotels in Australia via Odusee by now.

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Though there are valid reasons why some guests do complain, some hoteliers may find it rude because some guests demand more from what they get. Not all guests do act the way they should, some of them may “steal” hotel items from bath soap to toiletries and even insist on asking for more. Other guests do the extreme by damaging and even destroying some hotel property from furniture to appliances. Hotels do certain things that may irritate some guests. Here are the common hotel complaints from hotel guests and the reason why hoteliers do what they have to do:

1. Lost Hotel Bookings

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Imagine yourself booking for a stay at a fabulous luxury hotel by the sea in sunny Brisbane. After a long flight from Perth to Brisbane, you reached the hotel with all your luggage and personal belongings. By the time you talk to the hotel personnel at the concierge, you will realise that you haven’t made a booking with them. You will probably fume up like a volcano and gone berserk right?

Well, if you are not familiar with how online hotel bookings work. You have to understand that booking with smaller hotels sometime takes time because the information may not be transmitted to their database right away. When you make a booking from a third-party website, the website will then send the information to the hotel’s reservation system wherein a check-in staff will confirm it. A confirmation message will be sent by the hotel to the website and you will eventually receive an email that you have successfully booked a room to stay with the hotel. Unfortunately, there is human factor involved in the whole process and any mistake may happen once in a while.

Of course, no hotel would ever willingly admit the mistakes made at their end because of such a clumsy mistake even if it really happens.

2. Cancellation Fees

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Let’s admit it, there are times when there are certain events and circumstances that force us to postpone our trip or vacation on short notice but sometimes hotels ask for expensive cancellation fees. Hotel customer complaints can be understandable but if you put yourself on the shoes of the hoteliers, you need to understand that cancellation fees can be some sort of an insurance for them. Though there are hotels who may understand valid reasons like a family emergency or flight cancellation, most hotels enforce it in order to break even from the cost of preparing your place to stay.

3. Ignoring “Do Not Disturb”

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Invasion of privacy is one usual hotel complaints that guests do when they feel like someone is checking what they are doing in the comforts of their hotel suite. No matter what reasons are, this is an unacceptable mistake that we don’t take lightly. We pay for the hotel room to get a peace of mind and not a pain in the neck. Unfortunately, housekeeping personnel follow a strict schedule when making rounds and doing room cleaning so they need to do it even if the room is currently occupied. They have to peek in if someone is occupying the room. When the guest hasn’t checked out yet, they have to inform the guest about it.

4. Extra Room Charge

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This is one of the most hated things that guests have to hear when staying in hotels. Extra room charge will always hit you till boiling point. There are hidden charges when you eat some food on the fridge. You may have to pay for services that you can’t opt out. The reason behind this is the fact that hotels want to gain as much profit as possible for every booking even if it infuriate some guests. Again, the usual reason is to break even especially for luxurious hotels that need a constant number of bookings every month. Complaints in hotel never do end as long as they charge you for something that you don’t need in the first place.

5. Paying for Wi-Fi connection

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Well some may argue with this but there is no reason to follow hotel complaints procedure because Internet Wi-Fi connection is strictly off limits to non-hotel guests. Internet connection has become so cheap nowadays that charging it would always result in guests’ furor.

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Yeah agree with your post here, I already experienced this different kind of scenario before and i dont give them a damn. Especially paying for wifi net? WTF your paying for hotel bills then another internet connection is apart from the bills.

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