Jun 8, 2011

The Ten Funniest Hotel Names in the World

When it comes to great hotel names, people can immediately recognize Marriott, Shangri-la, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, and Mandarin Oriental. By just mentioning these popular hotelnames, anyone can identify these hotels as one of the world’s best. In the world of hotel management, the name of the place has to take center stage otherwise potential guests would be turned off. What if some hotel owners name their establishment in a unique, funny, and provocative way? Perhaps you will find famous hotel names when you use Odusee when searching a place to stay in Australia.

Source: robotnine.com

We don’t know the reasons why they choose these names but most of these establishments are in non-English speaking countries. Perhaps, they are not aware of the “proper” naming conventions and the funny connotations behind the hotel name. They may not have the best hotel names in the world but you won’t stop laughing until you visit these ten hotels:

1. Big Dick’s Halfway Inn (Gravois Mills, Missouri, USA)

Source: oddee.com

This relatively unknown Missouri inn may not have any of the 5 star hotel names we all know but you will be amaze when you see it for yourself. Established in 1990, Big Dick prides itself as the “home of the world famous Minnow Shot.” It also has a waterfront restaurant, bar, and gift shop facing the Lake of the Ozarks.

2. Terrible’s Hotel Casino (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Source: flickr.com

It’s really quite amusing as to why this Las Vegas hotel in Paradise Road would name itself “terrible.” Unfortunately, it is not as terrible as you think since the hotel provides amazing amenities and exquisite service. Could hotel name suggestions like that of Terrible’s Hotel Casino be a publicity gimmick in an effort to cash in curious guests? We may never know.

3. Resist Bacteria Hotel (Kashgar, People’s Republic of China)

Source: triporiginator.com

We can only speculate as this hotel could the last refuge of suspected enemies of the state or a stronghold of refugees displaced in an age-old war against bacteria. Amazingly, this hotel is in the dusty frontier city in China’s western-most region in Central Asia. Will you consider staying here?

4. Anu’s Lodge (Kumbakonam, India)

Source: triporiginator.com

If you happen to go backpacking in the picturesque region of Tamil Nadu, you would be surprised to see that there is a place named after your bottom. What if there is nowhere else to stay? Just head to the Anu’s Lodge and perhaps Mr. Anu, whatever his name is, would tell you his tall tale.

5. Badhotel (Scheveningen, Rockanje, Noordwijk, Vlieland, and Domburg, The Netherlands)

Source: tripadvisor.com

Famous for their windmills and tulips, we never thought that the Dutch have “bad hotels” scattered throughout the country. The funny thing is that, Badhotel is one of the most successful hotels in the country. Is it really that bad that many people still stay there? The Dutch may have different understanding of the name than English speakers do.

6. Hotel Kuntz (Paris, France)

Source: going-paris.blogspot.com

It may not be the best hotel names for women but when you are in Paris, you will probably stumble upon this classic hotel. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, Hotel Kuntz offers a privilege location for business trips with easy access to the train station and the airport. Kinky as it sounds but the hotel will make your Parisian rendezvous memorable.

7. Hotel Ass (Cologne, Germany)

Source: channels.nl

Located in the historic German city of Cologne, Hotel Ass is an economy hotel suited for people on a tight budget. How can a hotel have a bad name as this? Guests are fortunate to stay in here since they have a convenient access to the city centre and important city landmarks if they do get bored.

8. Truth or Consequences Comfort Inn and Suites (Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA)

Source: comfortinntorc.com

The truth is that there is a place like this in New Mexico but the consequence is one of the funniest hotel names in the world. Advertised as the number one business hotel in Truth or Consequences, guests can enjoy golf and visit the Elephant Butte State Park and the Gila Wilderness.

9. Hotel Moron (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Source: kontraband.com

There is a district in Buenos Aires called Moron so it’s quite fitting to have a hotel named Hotel Moron. This Mediterranean-type hotel is perfect for people who are on a quick stay in the city.

10. Hotel Swastika (Jaisalmer, India)

Source: travelpod.com

Rajasthan could be a Nazi stronghold but it is not! After all, hotel names like this can definitely raise eyebrows especially if you are a Jew. The fact is that the swastika symbol was really Indian in origin but it doesn’t have anything to do with anti-Semitism.



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