Jun 28, 2011

Five Fabulous Tips in Choosing the Best Hotel Room in Australia

Getting off to enjoy your long, needed holiday getaway can be exciting but before you think all the fun adventure, make sure that you know where to stay. Choosing the best hotel room in Australia can be challenging because there is a lot of ground that you need to cover. Off course, we want to have the cheapest accommodations but we also want to have the most luxurious amenities at the same time. It’s all about balancing what you want and what you need when searching hotel rooms via Odusee.

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If intend on going outdoors and having sightseeing tours and outback survival activities then you have to consider the cheaper rooms since you don’t have time to enjoy all the amenities. When you’re looking more to relax and have peace and quiet on your personal time then you have to consider a hotel room where you have all the luxury amenities. You have to understand that the most expensive hotels may not be the best while the cheapest one may not be the worst. Here are the five tips for people looking for the best hotel room in Australia:

1. Find the Ideal Location

Source: hotelmanagement.com.au

You don’t have buy a “Choosing Best Hotel Room in Australia” guide just to find out the ideal accommodation for you. Its common sense to choose a hotel that is ideally located near main transportation hubs, shopping malls, landmarks, and tourist attractions. If you intend on doing more outdoor activities then you skip the posh hotels and try choosing the best hotel room in TV guide or newspaper classified ads so that you can save money. It would be quite inconvenient if you still have to commute from your beach activity at Bondi Beach back to your hotel. You may be tired from outback sightseeing tour so you might as well check in for the night at a local motel or inn where you have the basic accommodations.

2. Free Breakfast for You

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Not all of us know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so if a hotel offer free breakfast buffet or complimentary room service on breakfast then it is a good choice. Start your day with a full stomach.

3. Room Size Matters

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Whether you go alone or with a large company, you need to consider the hotel room size. There are no choosing free hotel room in Australia tips for a dozen excited sightseers, either you rent an extra room or choose the biggest hotel room. Don’t be shy if you have to request for a king-size bed if necessary. If you have the money to spend on the most luxurious hotel room then it’s all up to you. Choosing the greatest hotel room in Australia would mean you have to choose where celebrities were once billeted. Who knows, you may bump into Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Hawkins, Elle Macpherson, or Russell Crowe along the way.

4. Detailed Hotel Reviews and Listings

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Choosing the best hotel in Victoria is easy as long as you use a reputable hotel search site like Odusee. There is no need to waste your time and effort when you can sort and filter out the expensive five-star hotels like Shangri-La Hotel Sydney or Grand Hyatt Melbourne or any cheap budget hotels in the area.

5. Referrals from Previous Hotel Visitors

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If one of your mates have stayed in a hotel of your choice then you may have to consider their opinion if the place is worth staying. However, we have our own choice and preferences when it comes to choosing what is best for us. Though there are hotel review sites, first-hand experience is much more reliable. When choosing the top hotel in Australia, tips from family and friends who have stayed there may give you insights as to what to expect. Take note of the hotel room cleanliness, safety, room service, and other issues that may ruin your entire stay. Bear in mind that a bad review from a disgruntled guest doesn’t have to mean that the hotel is all that bad. Keep an open mind and make certain arrangements beforehand if you consider transferring to another accommodation if things don’t work out.

Source: http://tiptravel.info/5-tips-for-choosing-the-best-hotel-room/


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