May 12, 2011

Top 10 Hotel Pools

One of the things that hotel guests look forward to in booking and upon staying in a hotel is the availability of a swimming pool.  A hotel bar may offer the best drinks available or an LED TV may become a source of entertainment or a room terrace may provide a nice overlooking view of a certain location from the hotel, but nothing compares to the kind of relaxation and opportunities for socialization a hotel swimming pool brings to the guests. You can find that hotel deal here and book yourself a suite fit for a king at


Well, let’s admit it, a hotel does offer a different kind of excitement to anyone of us whether we know how to swim or not.  It’s one area in a hotel that tenders a cool and soothing feeling to us after a grueling and exhausting office work.  But we also know that a hotel swimming pool creates the reputation of a hotel in one way or another.  It sorts of create an image on how luxurious or ordinary a hotel is.  In short, it makes or breaks a hotel’s look.

To give you an idea which hotel swimming pools in the world have earned a place in the top ten best hotel pools list, here’s a lowdown of which:

10. Intercontinental Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

This hotel offers three pools to suit the different tastes of its guests: the communal pool, private pool and three infinity spa pools that are set on different temperatures. What sets these pools to be unique from ordinary pools  is the illuminated backdrop of each that creates a visual spectacle.

9. Capri Palace Hotel & Spa (Capri, Italy)


Its shared swimming pool is a spectacular sight to view.  But its aesthetic beauty has to reach the level of fabulousness that the plunge pool offers.  Located at the Magritte Suite, this 15-meter pool draws its beauty from the surrealist mural painting on its bottom that can transport swimmers to another world.

8. Hotel Du Cap - Eden-Roc (Cap d’Antibes, France)


The infinity pool of this hotel is impressively beautiful earning a reputation to be one of the best infinity pools in the world.  This pool offers a very relaxing overlooking view of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

7. Burj Al-Arab (Dubai, UAE)


This one of the most expensive hotels in the world stands by its reputation really well.  It can be seen through one of its elegant amenities---the infinity indoor pools located at the Assawan Spa & Health Spa on the 18th floor.  These pools allow swimmers to get a nice overlooking view of the Persian Gulf while being protected by the floor-to-ceiling windows .

6. Palazzo Versace (Gold Coast, Australia)


Owned by Donatella Versace, this hotel oozes with flamboyance and elegance.  As a matter of fact, its outdoor pool is considered to be the longest in the southern hemisphere of the land down under.  It is structured in glamorous renaissance style as it overlooks the Great Barrier Reef

5. Hotel Ritz (Paris, France)


Decorated with neoclassical designs like murals and pillars, the indoor pool of this world-renowned hotel has acquired a very strange publicity.  This happens to be where Pamela Harriman, U.S. Ambassador to France, suffered from a stroke.  Other than that, this hotel pool is visually breathtaking in its design.

4.  Delano  (Miami, U.S.)


Designed by Ian Schrager, this outdoor pool is characterized by its waters being lined up by the towering palm trees from end to end.  There is even a table at the shallow part of this architectural masterpiece for hungry swimmers can order foods and drinks.  

3. Banyan Tree (Seychelles, Republic of Seychelles)


Located in the island of Mahe, this hotel has the most tropically gorgeous infinity pool. Measuring 23 meters, this hotel swimming pool has an overlooking view of the Intendance Bay.  In addition to that, guests are offered with refreshing cold drinks and local delicacies for a relaxing decadent experience.

2. Bellagio (Las Vegas, U.S.)


The six pools of this luxurious hotel speak for the hotel’s reputation.  Private cabanas, steps, gardens, columns and cafĂ© gardens with stone fountains are just enough to show how magnificent these hotel pools are and why they deserve a spot in this list.

1. The Beverly Hills Hotel (Los Angeles, USA)


Besides being the topnotcher among best hotel pools, this happens to be the most-filmed hotel having appeared in countless movies and TV shows.  This hotel pool offers just the most decadent services ever such as underwater music, sunglasses cleaning, frozen towels, 21 cabanas and what not.  



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