Apr 15, 2011

Ten Most Unique Hotels around the World

When traveling to another country for a business trip or a holiday, it is a must to book the best accommodation during your stay.  In this way, you can feel at home while you are away from your home, enjoying all the amenities being provided.  Of course, you should also count the price and the accessibility of your temporary home to make your stay worth it.  

Source: istanbulbooker.com

But what if you would stay in a hotel that is totally unconventional from its architecture down to its provisions?  Would you give it a try and see for yourself how this experience would change the way you look at very strange-looking hotels? Let me show you the ten most unique hotels around the world and give one of these a shot:

The Ice Hotel (Quebec, Canada)

Source: blueberrybrands.com

Known as the Hotel de Glace, this winter wonderland has 34 rooms awaiting those who are in for a frozen delight.  It takes 225 kilograms of ice and 6,800 kilograms of snow in creating this one-of-a-kind ice architecture.  Just few minutes away from downtown Quebec City, this Ice Hotel is one of those notable most unique hotels.

The Giraffe Manor (Nairobi, Kenya)

Source: wayfaring.info

If you are fascinated by giraffes, then this is the right place for you to come into close contact with not only one but several giraffes for a very unique and unforgettable experience.  Considered one of the unique hotels in the world, this place gives you a Safari feel as you interact with giraffes.

Ariau Towers Hotel (Manaus, Brazil)

Source: sistemas.sefaz.am.gov.br

Experience Brazil’s most exciting eco-tourism and business resort.  Consisting of 7 towers, with all 288 rooms elevated from the rain forest floor, this boutique hotel is situated on the Rio Negro which is a major tributary of the Amazon River.

Dog Bark Park Inn (Cottonwood, USA)

Source: cozi.com

Do you want to know how it feels to be inside a dog’s body? Maybe a night or two inside Dog Bark Park Inn would do it for you.  This bed and breakfast guesthouse in Cottonwood offers a whimsical stay for curious visitors who can enter the body of the beagle from a private 2nd story deck.

Daspark Hotel (Ottensheim, Austria)

Source: pinkthething.pl

This could be the weirdest hotel structure that has ever been created.  Imagine yourself sleeping for a night in an actual drainage pipe.  Now that is something that would freak you out but would give you a different sleeping experience which is, of course, clean and tidy.

Starwood Resort (Elciego, Spain)

Source: blog.hotelclub.com

Created by world-renowned architect, Frank O. Gehry, this happens to be one of the most unique hotels in the world.  Its outstanding appearance is attributed to its flowing ribbon-like designs on its exterior.  Although the designs have no impact on the interiors of the resort, its appearance offers a unique visual experience for those who would find it different and those who are lovers of art.

Wagon Stays (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Source: philq8.wordpress.com

Now what makes this one of the unique hotels of the world?  This accommodation allows you to experience how the original settlers of Christchurch, New Zealand reside during the early times.  It does appear as a wagon but it has several modern amenities that can make you feel that you are in a high-quality hotel: queen size bed, computer-controlled showers, flush toilet, fully-equipped kitchen and a satellite tv.

Jules Undersea Lodge (Florida, USA)

Source: travelsplendid.com

Situated 30 feet deep on the ocean ground at Key Largo, Florida, this could be one of the most unique hotels of the world that offers you a unique experience with marine life surrounding you 24 hours a day.  Staying in this underwater lodge is fit for those who seek therapy just by looking at fishes swimming right by your window.

Skye Lighthouse (Scotland)

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

This lighthouse offers a relaxing and isolated feeling since you are far from the hustle and bustle of city life.  Plus, you get the chance to wake up being greeted by the ocean breeze!  This is just a unique way to spend a night in one of the world’s most unique hotels.

White Cliffs (New South Wales, Australia)

Source: tripadvisor.com

With rooms carved right out from edge of a cliff, this very primitive accommodation is undoubtedly one of the most unique hotels of the world.  This one-of-a-kind hotel just gives you a very odd blast-in-the-past experience as it lets you live how cavemen go through everyday living…without the hotel amenities of course.  Do you want to get in touch with your inner caveman?  Then this would be the best venue for you to experience it.


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