Jan 20, 2011

Hotels for Babies: Getting the Best Out of Your Baby-moon this 2011

Hotels around the world are into the trend of having packages and accommodations for pregnant women opting to spend their baby-moon (a similar tradition like honeymoon) other than just at home. Some hotels provide specific luxury suited for their budding guests such as pint sized bathrobes, a trio rubber duckies, gentle body wash and designer crib. Most hotels believe that pregnant women and babies are their valuable client and future business travellers. There are also different packages for the parents and parents-to-be to consider before choosing which hotel to stay.

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Before the baby is born

Baby-moon vacations are one of the most hottest travel trend. This would most probably be the last time that the parent-to-be will have their quiet and relaxing vacation together. Relaxation would help them prepare themselves to be a parent soon. Hotel provide packages that would pamper the parents-to-be and meet their needs accordingly.

Conrad Indianapolis hotel is offering their Indulging Mother-to-be package that includes pre-natal listening to the baby’s actions and a pre-natal massage at the hotel’s Spa Chakra. According to the hotel, the massage helps alleviate tensions in the lower back, feet and ankles. The treatments would also help reduce stretch marks, increase blood circulation, stabilize hormonal activity.

The Grand Lido Braco Resort and Spa in Jamaica also offers packages that offers both the parents their needs. The resort gives the craving mother-to-be food within the room’s fridge stocked daily with a jar of pickles, a chocolate bar, Ginger Ale and a bottled water. Since the mothers-to-be crave for food, the resort provides a 24-hour menu for the pregnant to enjoy the desserts such as banana spits and other sweets. The moms-to-be can also enjoy the beauty package in a ventilated in-room manicure and pedicure. Dad-to-be would also gets his share the boost he needs as they are encouraged to have a relaxing time as well. He can go to the gym for a 30 minute personal training session to develop and strengthen one’s self. Both the parents-to-be can also enjoy a couple’s foot massage, candlelight dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, or enjoy a hammock on the beach for a cuddling time.

After the baby is born

Today, there are no reasons to put off a family trip until the baby is older. Many hotels are becoming baby-friendly allowing the parents’ to feel at ease when travelling. Here are some things to look for in a baby-friendly hotel:

  • A mini fridge to store breast milk
  • A shop of gift shop that sells diapers, floaters, sun screen SPF 50, or beach toys
  • High chair and crib availability
  • Bumper guards on sharp corners
  • Covered electrical outlets

Marigot Bay hotel in Saint Lucia has offer a nanny service prior to demand. When you did not travel with your nanny, you can request a nanny from the hotel prior to your arrival. The nanny will dedicate their time to the visitors until the day they will leave the hotel. The nanny will be assigned to do task like preparing meals for the baby, daily supervision, evening babysitting and more.

For parents who are worried and uncomfortable with strangers, many hotels offer baby listening facilities in all bedrooms for the parents to listen around the hotel while the baby is napping or crying. Baby listening systems have been popular in other countries and is becoming common in the United States. A lot of hotels do not allow parents to leave the hotel while the baby listening system is in use. Some hotels would let the parents read and sign the waiver of how to take full responsibility of the devices.

The Iroquois New York hotel has developed a complete paradise for the kids and their parents, “Kids guide to Manhattan.” This is one of the unique places you would see lots of toddlers. There are a lot of places outside the hotel to take your child for a walk. When it rains, the hotel provides a Nintendo system on your room’s flat screen plasma television which you would be able to ask for toddler-friendly games.

Many hotels provide accommodations and top-of-the-line facilities for the babies or toddlers to enjoy special playrooms with appropriate toys. Separate pools for the young ones are becoming more common these days. Expect more hotels to have the same offer packages this year. - Hotel Guide

Reference: pregnancy.org/article/baby-friendly-hotels


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