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Hotels nowadays are a far cry from hotels of yesteryears where you get a bed, a bath and a breakfast. Hotels are sometimes the destinations itself.

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And when I travel, some hotels can make me feel at home, while others, well, I don’t even feel like guest, I feel like the staff would love to take a bite of my head if they get the chance.

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A seemingly innocent and friendly hotel can be your worst nightmare if you happen to run out of luck. The place that you hope to be ‘your home away from home’ can actually bring you unpleasant memories.

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I bet you've already heard about the ice hotel in Sweden and the undersea restaurant of Hilton Maldives, but I'm pretty sure that you haven't heard of the following hotels that would surely top in your list of the weirdest ones.

Jan 3, 2012

Where to Stay for Sydney’s 2011 Carols in the Domain

Christmas in Sydney is not complete without the most anticipated concert in town – the 2011 Carols in the Domain. Being the largest free Christmas concert, it attracts thousands of people from across New South Wales and throughout Australia. The Domain is conveniently located near the picturesque Royal Botanic Gardens, between Hospital and Art Gallery Road so to those who want to attend this concert, finding a Sydney accommodation that is a short distance away from the venue is necessary. If you want to save time and money, visit a specialised hotel search site that helps you find the nearest and cheapest hotel accommodation in the city.


With Grant Denyer and Kylie Gillies as hosts, the concert includes top stars, entertainers, and musicians like Georgie Parker, Greta Bradman, Charli Robinson, the Jersey Boys, the Tap Dogs, Australia’s Got Talent winners Mark Vincent and Justice Crew, and the Sydney Youth Orchestra. The grand opening will kick start with a carnival-like atmosphere. Channel 7 covers the event with the pre- and post-show entertainment. Now on its 29th year, the Carols in the Domain is expected to attract 80,000 people so it would be advisable to book your hotels as early as you can.

Make sure to find cheap accommodation Sydney within walking distance to the concert venue. Once you make your booking early, you can indulge yourself in some Christmas shopping at the popular shopping centres of Queen Victoria, Pitt Street Mall, and Castlereagh Street. Here are best places to stay for the 2011 Carols in the Domain in Sydney:

Sir Stamford at Circular Quay


Like any accommodation Melbourne or Adelaide, Sydney has one favourite stop for visitors who want to be at the event – the Sir Stamford at Circular Quay. Just a walking distance to the Justice and Police Museum, the Northern Depot, and the Government House, it is best place to stay if you want to enjoy sightseeing around the city after the event. If you want a classic and luxurious accommodation then you will marvel upon Sir Stamford’s 18th century Louis XV and Georgian antiques and private fine art collection.

Mariners Court Hotel


Near the famous Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf and restaurants, the Mariners Court Hotel is the perfect setting for those who want to have a refreshing stroll at the Circular Quay after the event. The hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so art lovers would love to stay there. This three-star hotel offers a warm and homely environment complemented by friendly and personalised service.

Blue Sydney


This five-star boutique hotel sports a unique feature, turn-of-the-century feel, and sophisticated turquoise-blue accents. What started as a wool and cargo handling facility has now become the city’s most sought after location as it combines the features of an apartment, marina, and restaurant complex. Guests will be treated to spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour, the famous city skyline, and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Sofitel Wentworth Sydney


Located in the heart of Sydney’s business and shopping centre, Sofitel Wentworth has built a solid reputation for its exquisite service and unrivalled elegance. Unlike other hotels within the area, it combines the modern architecture with the old world charm.

Challis Lodge


If you are looking for some place as affordable as any accommodation Perth then you might as well stay at Challis Lodge. It may not offer the most luxurious rooms that we always want but it offers all the amenities that we truly need. Plus it doesn’t it doesn’t cost that much considering the fact that it is just a train away from the CBD.


Dec 15, 2011

A Different Christmas Experience in Sydney Hotels

Some people say that Sydney hotels offer the best Christmas experience for people who visit the city for the first time. With iconic landmarks straddling its world-class harbour, no one can deny that staying at hotels in the area will offer you opportunities to check out these wondrous human structures like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you want to stay in a hotel for Christmas then your experience would be much different from what you have at home. Although finding the best hotel accommodation during the holiday season can be quite challenging, you can always do a specialised hotel search so that you can save time and money.


The good thing about staying at cheap Sydney hotels is that these are good alternative places to stay for Christmas and New Year’s Day. Unlike other accommodations, these hotels are just a walk away from restaurants, bars, and beaches. It doesn’t matter if you want to stay at luxury, five-star hotels or budget hotels as long as you enjoy your holiday break the way you want to. If you prefer to spend your vacation away from the harsh winter and into the bright and fun atmosphere of the city then you have come to the right place. Here are some ideas to have that unique Christmas experience:

Christmas Activities


While you’re in Sydney, there are many places you may want to visit aside from the famous landmarks. Aside from that, you can enjoy various Christmas activities from beach barbecues to vibrant nightlife events. If you are not a night owl, you can always have fun in the sun with surfing and scuba diving. If you want to have dinner with your mates, you have to book a reservation in advance before it is filled with hungry diners.

Expos and Events


Do you love to go shopping? Visit the various shopping malls to find out the best electronics and latest gadgets that you really want. Hotels also host events from cooking competitions to caroling events that will make your Christmas interesting. Christmas sales often give you the best opportunities to buy the best gifts so take advantage of it. Expositions are often hosted this time of the year as manufacturers showcase the latest products that you’ll be expecting for the coming year. Just don’t forget to get Sydney hotels deals when you visit the city for the first time.

Getting into the Tradition


A better way to celebrate the holidays is getting into the tradition of joining Christmas carols and other musical events from Nutcracker to several Charles Dickens staples. From hotels to theatres, there are events held to relive how Christmas was celebrated in the olden days. Take a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens as the Sydney Youth Orchestra plays memorable tunes or take a stroll at Darling Harbour to check out our favourite celebrities singing at the “Carols in the Domain.” It is a good thing to be staying at Sydney hotels accommodation near these amazing holiday event venues.

All the Food


Whether you’re staying at Sydney hotels, apartments, or motels, a sumptuous Christmas feast is the first thing that comes out of your mind. Most lodging facilities also offer seasonal food at their restaurants, cafes, and room service, including special Christmas dinners to round the seasonal spirit.


Dec 7, 2011

Where to Stay for the 2011 Boxing Day Test Match

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the venue of the 2011 Boxing Day Test Match between Australia and England. Celebrated after Christmas, this is the biggest sporting event before the end of the year that you don’t want to miss. Visiting the Mecca of cricket in Australia would mean that you have to book for your flights and find the best hotels near the sporting venue since it would be quite difficult to find one during this time of the year. Most hotels and accommodations around the MCG would be in full capacity by now. Visit hotel search site Odusee to find out where you can stay before the biggest cricket extravaganza of the year begins.


Find the nearest hotels so that going to the Melbourne Cricket Ground would just be a walk away. Although it can be a little bit expensive if you stay on hotels near the venue, the service and accommodation would be superb. Besides, there are discount hotel stay accommodations that offer Boxing Day special. If you are short on money, you may opt for budget hotels and cheap accommodations if you want to. Perhaps, you love to enjoy a good post-match party with your mates so it would be a good idea to look for hotels that offer such promo. Here are the best places to stay for the Boxing Day Test Match:

George Powlett  Motel Apartments


Looking for a cheap hotel stay? George Powlett Motel Apartments is the best place to stay if you have a tight budget or you just got the ticket of the game in the last minute. It may not have the most exquisite amenities, the studio apartment space is suitable for you and your mates for a short-time stay in the city.

Park Hyatt Melbourne


Perhaps the perfect place to stay in Melbourne, the hotel’s distinctive design and interior makes your stay worth remembering just as the way the Australian ticket team play against the defending world champions. Conveniently located near the Fitzroy and Treasury Gardens, Park Hyatt Melbourne provides a warm ambience and personalised service to its guests. Capturing the very essence of city’s romantic appeal, the hotel's facilities are sophisticated yet contemporary in order to meet the guests’ discriminating tastes.

Hotel Lindrum


One of the premiere boutique hotels in the city, Hotel Lindrum provides modern amenities for people who visit Melbourne to watch the Boxing Day Test Match. Transportation to the sporting venue is quite easy as it is just 100 metres away from the tram stops and a walk away from the Parliament Train Station.

Mantra 100 Exhibition


Though it doesn’t sound like a hotel, Mantra 100 Exhibition is centrally-located hotel with a stylish and modern twist. The hotel also boasts spacious and contemporary accommodations. It is also conveniently located near the Rod Laver Arena and Federation Square so if you need a weekly hotel stay to check out the upcoming Australian Open and other wonderful events Melbourne has to offer then this is where you need to stay.

Punthill Manhattan


At the prime Melbourne CBD location lies Punthill Manhattan, the spacious and contemporary warehouse-style accommodation for guests who want to stay in some place new. Just a stone’s throw away from popular locations like the Princess and Regent Theatres, Crown Casino, Southbank, and Federation Centre, guests will have all the time to visit these wonderful places after they enjoy the cricket test match between Australia and India. Although there is no such thing as a free hotel stay, you can take advantage of the fabulous freebies and complimentary services.


Nov 30, 2011

Elite Eight: The Best Hotel Restaurants in Australia

Who doesn’t love food cooked by the famous Michelin-starred chefs and celebrity restaurateurs like Gordon Ramsay, Gary Mehigan, or George Calombaris? Well, it would be a great feeling to dine at the most prestigious and famous Australian hotel restaurants and enjoy the special dishes from the traditional English roast beef to the exotic tastes of Thai cuisine. You may be surprised how diverse the cuisine and food choices you can find in various hotel restaurants across the country. If you are looking for the hotel restaurant, where you can have hearty lunch with your business associates or a romantic dinner with your loved one, then you might as well try looking for one at hotel search portal Odusee.


Not only they have unique and fantastic cuisine, hotel restaurants have great atmosphere, amenities, and services that guests would love. Aside from that, the centrepiece for these restaurants should be something uniquely Australian that diners can’t find anywhere else. Award-winning restaurants not only feature favourite staples but some dishes that stand out from the rest of the culinary scene. Check out the elite eight of hotel restaurants in Australia:

Altitude Restaurant


This grand hotel restaurant, which has picturesque views of the Sydney Harbour, was once the setting of the hit cooking show MasterChef Australia. In 2010, the Australian Hotels Association National Awards of Excellence voted it as the Restaurant of the Year. Serving diners from the Shangri-La Sydney Hotel, Altitude Restaurant provides a unique dining experience that not everyone can partake. It doesn’t serve Australian food that you normally know, it reinvents the cuisine with a modern and eclectic twist. Dinner service is the most anticipated event in that area!

Temple of Tastes


When you visit Palm Cove in Queensland, you have to stay at the Sea Temple Resort and Spa for a relaxing and sumptuous tropical meal. Home to the famous Temple of Tastes restaurant, it offers dishes with a Southeast Asian and Pacific accent. Combined with the lovely views and the fresh air, how can you go wrong with any specialty and signature dishes served to your discriminating taste?



In 2010, the Restaurant and Caterers Association Gold Coast voted Yamagen as the Best Restaurant in a Hotel. If you prefer unique taste and special kind of preparation then this is the best place to be. Housed in the QT Gold Coast Hotel in Surfer’s Paradise, the Japanese restaurant prides itself of its teppanyaki barbecue and sushi bar.

Collins Kitchen


Under the Grand Hyatt Melbourne is the Collins Restaurant, famous for its menu of various cuisines from around the world. Using fresh, local produce, this restaurant may perhaps give Ramsay tears in his eyes as it uses a motley selection of grill, deli, sushi, and patisserie dining concepts. Not only that, diners can interact with the chefs in this extraordinary dining setting. If you want to check out their menu, you’ve got to visit it now!



Named after the famous liquor, Absynthe is located in the Q1 Tower at Gold Coast’s Q1 Resort and Spa. Famous for its seasonal a la carte menu composed of seven courses. Treat your taste buds the way you treat your body with soothing massage and relaxing spa treatments.

The Brasserie


If you love a semi-formal dining setting then you might as well settle at Hilton Adelaide Hotel’s The Brasserie restaurant. Serving modern Australian dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the hotel restaurant features the very best local produce from South Australia. Aside from that, they also tend to feature a specific region to create a variety of dishes.

The Louden Kitchen & Grill


At the Mercure Welcome Melbourne, the Louden Kitchen & Grill is one of the best hotel restaurants because of its ultra-modern design that fits well with its menu of modern-inspired cooking. A permanent fixture in the Melbourne social circle, this buffet-style restaurant also offers a la carte menu for diners who want personalise what they want to eat. If you are a health-conscious vegan then you may have try their gluten food.

Rez 252


The Hotel Grand Chancellor’s Rez 252 restaurant offers a culinary refuge for visitors who want to do something different in Surfer’s Paradise. It has a laid-back atmosphere makes it a perfect place for family and friends to get together for hearty seafood meal with great entrees.


Nov 23, 2011

Finding Pet Friendly Hotels in Australia

Do you ever wonder if you could bring your pet dog in a hotel? Well, there are some pet friendly hotels Australia that accommodate pets from a docile Dalmatian dog to a seductive Persian cat. Since pet owners, who decide to go for a holiday trip or vacation getaway, prefer to take their lovable pets when they travel near and far, there is a demand for hotels to handle pets the same way as they take care of their owners. It may sound difficult to check out hotels that accommodate pets but you can always use hotel search site Odusee to find one.


Sometimes animals can be picky but if you know that the hotel can take care of everything then there is nothing to worry about. Though most accommodations have instituted policies that prohibit pets into their premises, some luxury pet friendly hotels have cashed in to this trend as celebrities have popularised some hotels for allowing their pets to go with them. Depending upon their house rules, a pet is allowed to stay in a hotel room free of charge as long as there are no damages incurred during the stay. Do you want to know how to find pet friendly hotels? Here are the tips and tricks:

Check the Amenities


Don’t just go for cheap pet friendly hotels, make sure if it has the amenities that go along with it. I’m sure you don’t want to sleep with your canine so find information online if the hotel really offer the pet-friendly amenities it advertised. Brochures and advertisements should contain information that you need.

Know the Pet Policy


Pet policies vary from hotel to hotel. Just because you’re staying in a pet friendly hotel doesn’t mean that there are no restrictions. Some rooms are set aside for people with pets. The pet owners are expected to make sure that their pet animals are in their best behaviour. In some cases, you may not be able to stay in a hotel if there is no room available to accommodate your pets. Some pet friendly hotels Sydney may charge additional fee for pets while some don’t allow exotic animals like iguanas or snakes.

Check Online Hotel Directories


The Internet is your friend so if you know how to use then you will know where to find a hotel that allows pets in. Make sure to check out if the hotel you found online provides services for your canine or feline companion. It makes sense that some hotels want to attract more pet-loving clients by showcasing their pet-friendly amenities.

Know the Signs


There is a difference between pet tolerant and pet friendly hotels Melbourne, make sure you know the signs. Pet tolerant accommodations will allow your pets in the room while pet friendly ones provide rooms with amenities such as hardwood floors for easy cleanups, pet daycare, and welcome giveaways with pet treats. Pet tolerant hotels tend to change certain rules and regulations while pet friendly are less likely to do so.


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